Big Hat

Ethereal Bliss

The visionary Preston Klik, Yvonne Bruner, Char-Malloy Baum, and James Stallman once produced a spectacularly captivating combination that captured and catered to all six of the senses. When they, years ago- urged onward by Preston- decided to get together and make some music, the world was blessed with Big Hat. It has not been the same since. Seeing and hearing them perform live was once best described as "experiencing ethereal bliss." That's about as accurate as it gets. Theirs is an almost indescribable genius, which can only be heard to be truly understood and savored.

When you open your ears and your mind to them, you'll have no choice but to be enraptured by the true nature of melody, harmony, and the beauty of their assimilation.

The members of Big Hat are...


Yvonne Bruner: vocals and lyrics, tin whistle
Preston Klik: sounds, melodica, trumpet, backing vocals
Char Malloy: 5-string electric violin, backing vocals
Jim Stallman: percussion

The Albums are...

Unfortunately, Big Hat is no longer creating new musical masterworks. "The fat lady has sung," as Preston has phrased it, and they've decided to put the band to rest. Taqueria del Muerte - their last, best effort (and biggest departure) - was released posthumously, but produced before the fall. It effectively captures the heart and soul of its performers, utilizing each of their talents to the fullest extent... especially Char and Jim.

Big Hat is a new piece of history that will now have to live on offstage. Char and Jim won't be performing anymore, but Preston and Yvonne are still out there, and the torch has already been passed. Preston has put together four more unique individuals to form My Scarlet Life. Says Preston, "It's not Big Hat, understand, it's My Scarlet Life. But if you like one, I think you'll like the other."

Now, those five have a life and sound quite distinctively their own, which they call "Trypnotica." But that's a different experience entirely. You'll have to nudge yourself along that path until you're pulled in; but since you've made it this far, I don't think you'll resent the extra effort. Visit the My Scarlet Life web site.

And thankfully, Yvonne is still putting that hauntingly beautiful voice to good use with her band, X-Feline.

Noted, this page is always under construction, but lately, it's been altered dramatically. Please contact me if there are any problems, or you can just make comments or give suggestions. Soon enough, the scans will be done and the songs will be digitized, and, with a little help, the lyrics will be posted. Many thanks to Michael Doyle for the lyrics to "Redline" and the videos, which may be digitized as well.

"...sang a song of oceans covered in all her gravity."

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